Our Story

Sydney Running Tours started in the Spring of 2013.  It was the idea of Andy, who started Understand Down Under (UDU) and was the first to run eco-tours to the Royal National Park.

While running the 30 km Coastal Classic as a sweeper, he found himself making friends and falling into the role of tour guide.  As the group ran along chatting, all the worries of the world disappeared, perhaps it was all the endorphins. Rainforest, bush, coastal views and beaches past by like a movie. … it was the perfect day!

Andy realised that his love for running could be merged with his love for sharing Australia, and that there were others who shared these two joys.  Andy joined the Go! Running Tours network, and Sydney Running Tours was born. The aim was simple, to create Sydney’s best runs.

Since then, the team of runners has grown and Sydney Running Tours also has been granted Advanced Ecotourism Australia Certification.

Sydney Running Tours main focus is on delivering tailored private runs. Looking to the future, the plan is to increase scheduled tours, and get more involved with events.

The story has only just begun, there are exciting times ahead. We’d love for you to be part of the journey, and hope to run with you soon. To follow the story and stay in touch, you can “Like us on Facebook”. We’ll make sure you always enjoy the best runs in Sydney!

Sydney's Best Run
“The harder the climb, the better the view!”

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