Become friends with your local guide & other runners

Who runs in a group?


Those that are scared by the idea of running, but know how healthy it is, and that they should do it.  Looking for a guide to teach them “how to run”, the health benefits of running regularly and how to enjoy running safely for years to come. Great for families and those needing inspiration.

Gentle Joggers

Relaxed joggers who want to see the sights in a healthy way, stopping and chatting along the way. People that don’t see themselves as “runners” but are active enough for an easy jog.

Recreational Runners

Runners travelling for work or leisure who want to stay active while learning new things from a local. Often short on time, and keen not to miss out on anything due to a busy schedule.

In Training

Competitive runners training for a marathon or ultra, who need to get a run in while on business trips or vacation. Looking for a tempo run, hills training, fartlek, beach run, speedwork or a long run.

Corporate Groups

Corporate groups who want an endorphin-pumping and fitness-based activity for a team bonding session. Looking to increase the health and well-being of the office, through a positive active experience that caters to all abilities.

Sports Teams, Clubs

Travelling sports teams, running clubs and groups with an active persuasion. Looking to keep active while travelling, and wanting the skills of a local.

Power Walkers

Those who stay fit from fast walking, and not running. Don’t want to do a normal walking tour, as it does not raise the heart rate enough to be exercise, so a power walking tour is ideal.

Jogging Social Groups
Meet other runners of your ability
Running in Sydney Safely
Know you’re safe by running with a local guide

Is it safe to run in Sydney?

Certainly, Sydney is generally very safe. Although its best to know where the safe routes are and when they are safe. Obviously there is always safety in numbers, and for this reason female runners are particularly drawn to our running tours.

International visitors often instinctively look the wrong way when crossing streets, being unused to cars driving on the left. Your Sydney running guide will take you on the safest routes, away from traffic.

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